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Technology in early childhood education  are increasingly common in young children's life. In Early Childhood, the brain is developing at a rapid rate.  Therefore, it is a quite a sensitive time and involving technology during this critical learning period requires much thought and consideration. This is a technology-free environment for the young children ages 13 months to 6 years. Besides being a recession-resistant  business opportunity, owning a imaginative play center franchise helping to shape  young minds can also be emotionally fulfilling. As well as intellectual, emotional and social benefitscreative play also has significant benefits to children’s physical well-being.

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Social Development

Creative activities don't only benefit children in an artistic way.  According to the child development experts at PBS, creative play  scenarios such as dramatic or pretend play can help kids understand  social and societal roles. This includes taking other people's opinions  into account, taking perspectives and even developing  conflict-resolution skills. Additionally, young children can use  creative drama activities to explore and experiment with community or  familial roles such as acting like a fire fighter or finding out what  mom's day is like.

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Emotional Development

Creative activities provide children  with abundant opportunities to develop and refine emotional skills. The  child care professionals at the Penn State Cooperative Extension note  that the creative arts allows children to express their emotions in ways  that they may not have the ability to through other means. Children can  use processes such as painting or drawing to understand and express  strong feelings or to represent powerful situations. For example, a  child may have trouble talking about a stressful experience such as her  parent's impending divorce. Creative activities, such as the visual  arts, will allow her to express her emotions in a safe and comfortable  way.

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Cognitive Benefits

The creative process can help  children of all ages build cognitive skills that include  problem-solving, imagination and critical thinking. According to the  Penn State Cooperative Extension website, experimentation during  creative activities allows children to explore different options and  develop new solutions. For example, your child may want to paint her  picture pink, but if she only has red, green, blue and white temperas,  she can experiment with color mixing until she discovers that red and  white blend together to make pink.

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Why Franchising

Franchising is perfect for entrepreneurial individuals who want to open a  business for themselves, not by themselves. The great thing about  investing in THE BIG PLAYHOUSE franchise is that you invest in a proven  business model. You also have the advantage of partnering with a  recognized, successful brand with a system in place to support your  various business needs, from marketing to IT and more. We have developed  a team of seasoned professionals who has franchise and  education experience to help guide and develop your business.